The Fastest Way To Launch A 6-7 Figure Business With Your Expertise Is With High Ticket Courses 

Using a backwards funnel, 2-sentence Power Offer, and 10-minute Mini-Webinar... and spend up to 90 percent less on ads

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We Are Perfect Experts (Manifesto)

We are the best in the world at what we do.


We choose who we work with.


We get to decide how much money we make.


This money is only a byproduct of the value we create in the world.


Because we change lives.


We make an impact.


We fight against outdated business methods that just do not work.


We know that endlessly educating our market is a waste of time.


People don’t need more education.


They need more inspiration.


And while education can and sometimes does lead to action…


People are far more motivated to change and get results...


When they have some skin in the game.


We do this by making them pay us a fair price to solve their problems.


The industry teaches us to market, market, market… then sell.


We throw that out the window.


For us, it’s always sales over marketing.


The first thing a Perfect Expert wants his or her market to see is an offer.


Only after a prospect has shown interest in our offer do we market to them further.


As perfect experts, we are aware that business growth for its own sake is a false god.


All the money in the world is worthless without the time or energy to spend it.


Because of this, we optimize for happiness.


We take the time to enjoy our lives with our loved ones.


Our businesses are designed around our lives.


Not the other way around.


Perfect Experts achieve personal mastery, professional excellence...


And live our lives in complete balance.


And because of this, we’re able to show up and serve others.


To lead them.


So they can become the best version of themselves.

High Ticket Courses students

One Offer, One Funnel (The Strategy)

It’s the biggest lie we’ve ever been taught:


That money and time are related.


The truth:


You can package up your expertise in a way that allows you to...


Make more money while doing less work.


I’m living proof, along with dozens of my clients and students.


My methods have helped create two 8-figure brands...


Several 7-figure businesses...


And so many 6-figure success stories I’ve lost count.


I want to help you live the life you want...


Without waiting until you're too old to enjoy it.


Imagine spending the first 2 hours of your day on your personal growth.


Imagine working 4-hour days to run an effective, profitable business.


Imagine taking Fridays and weekends off to hang out with your family.


This is the life I’ve designed for myself.


You can have it too.


You don’t have to work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, to build a successful business.


Even if you could make a lot more money that way...


What kind of life would that be anyway?


I’m going to show you a better way.


Because if, as an expert, you feel like you "lack" marketing knowledge...


My system is perfect for you.


I don’t waste time teaching you everything there is to know about marketing.


I’ve lived and breathed marketing for the past decade.


I’ve tried it all.


Everything that worked...


And everything that didn’t.


Now, I’ve boiled it all down to the essentials.


The 80/20 of the 80/20.


The Perfect Expert Model.


The Power Offer.


The Mini Webinar.


The methods I teach you will be all you need...


To get to $50,000/month as fast as possible.


And then, scale to $100,000/month and beyond if you so desire.

Joel Erway creator of High Ticket Courses

Hi, I'm Joel Erway

They call me "The Webinar Guy."


I got my start in digital marketing selling e-books to engineers who wanted to pass their certification exam.


And quickly realized selling $10 e-books wasn't going to put food on my family's table.


So, I started selling courses.


My journey, and what I've discovered, led to over $50 million in sales for my, my private clients, and my students.

I Used To Struggle To Sell My High Ticket Courses And Programs

I remember it like it was yesterday.


My son was just 3 months old. Our first born. 


We had moved into our dream home which was more than three times the cost of our first home.


Expenses were up. But the business wasn’t matching.


Sure, we were profitable.


But my cost per lead was astronomical and unscalable. 


After trying countless other things...


Like low ticket ascension funnels, email sequences, social media posts, and more...


I decided to “let go.”


I was no longer going to listen to the other gurus. 


I needed to figure out what actually was going to work for me. 


As I lay in bed late one night...


Losing sleep over where my next customer was going to come from...


The idea hit me like a ton of bricks.


At that moment I just knew that what I was about to try was going to work.


It had to; it made too much sense.


But why wasn’t anyone else doing it?


I ran downstairs.


I had to get it all out before I forgot what was on my mind.


Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap...


The sound of my keyboard echoed off the walls of our living room.


When I hit publish it was almost midnight. 


The next morning, when I opened up my laptop...


I couldn't believe my eyes. 


There was a flood of responses from people who said “Yes!” and wanted to work with me.


By the end of that day I had secured a $25,000 deal.


And another one shortly thereafter. 


The way I sold my courses and programs had changed forever.


And it would soon change the businesses of hundreds of others.

What People Are Saying About High Ticket Courses

“Take a chance on yourself because you’re not taking a chance on Joel. The system’s proven. You’re taking a chance on yourself and it’s worth it.”


Zan Shaikh – Founder, RankOne and Bright Vision Digital

“More important than the dollar amount is consistency. I have a high degree of confidence that I’ll keep experiencing these levels of success... because I now have something that works… One huge thing is I’ve been able to retire my wife.”


Brad Wachter – Founder, Grey Haired Trader

“I’ve run a lot of businesses but I want to have a simple business. I want to have a one-person shop where I can help people significantly… I 25X’d my investment in Joel’s course within weeks.”


Brandon Pugsley – Founder, Beyond Mastermind

“I had spent at least 2 years trying to get clients… Within one week of implementing Joel’s program, I had at least 20 highly qualified leads that had actually applied to speak with me on the phone.”


Dr. Emily Stopper

“When I first bought High Ticket Courses, the most appealing thing about it was there’s no fluff. There’s absolutely no fluff. The videos were short and concise. Do, this, this, and this, and move on.”


Alfred Karlsen – Founder, LovableAlpha

“My wife tells me all the time, ‘I’m so grateful you’ve done what you’ve done because you’re able to be here for our son.’”


Nick Fullmer, Founder, Overage Syndicate

“I was talking to him about one of my landing pages and he asked me if the statements I was making were true. I admired that… It kind of solidified in my mind that he’s legitimate... I felt almost scolded into doing the right thing.”


Jason Watson – Founder, Spectrum Media

“The speed of implementation... of Joel’s system just made more sense… It’s a lot easier to tweak a 12-20 minute presentation than a 45-60 minute presentation.”


Michael Salvietti – Owner, Mike Salvietti Consulting

“Selling low-priced courses is really great but it takes work, and it takes a lot of work. But selling to one high-ticket buyer takes a lot less work. It takes me a lot less work now and I make much, much more money.”


Anthony Hall, Copywriter

“Before working with Joel, all of my past clients were organic and referrals… Joel wrote an absolutely stellar ad for us which quickly began to resonate with cold traffic. And it immediately resulted in at least one sales call per day for my high ticket coaching offer.”


Brett Stuart – Founder, Inner Edge

“When I saw Joel it’s like he held out this long branch and said, ‘Grab on, I’m going to pull you out right now,” and just pulled me to freedom.”


Darren Chabluk – Founder, DrDone

Every time someone asks me to critique their webinar or look at it... I say go talk to Joel.


Russell Brunson – Cofounder, ClickFunnels